Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The aftermath Thoughts and Things: The aftermath of celebrating a fun fourth of July weekend.
Let the washing begin!


  1. Washing here too....it was a great weekend though...as was yours ...I bet...smile...blessings

  2. Hi Joy,

    Well up until a month or so ago, before my newly married daughter moved out, that looked like my laundry situation each day. Unfortunately I have a husband and one daughter left, that think nothing of changing clothes two or three times a day. Okay, we live in Arizona, it's hot and we sweat, but still, they just don't get how much extra work it is for me........sigh!


  3. Yes, it's true...a friend of mine said as she stood looking at her piles of laundry..."I just want to throw it all away!" LOL Come say hi :D

  4. Even your laundry is adorable. Mimi

  5. I'm afraid that "WE" are the reason for that pile of laundry. We had a great weekend..fun to spend time with family. I know that it is alot of work for you though:( Thanks for everything!