Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Quilt Day Thoughts and Things: As I was finishing the binding on this quilt I noticed a mistake I had made while sewing the pattern. It was not surprising to me, as I usually make more than one mistake in every quilt.

"Where's Waldo", "Find the hidden objects in the picture",and "What's wrong with this picture" where games I remember my children liked to do.

Today, being Monday Quilt Day, let's play a similar game.

Can you find the mistake?


  1. I found it in the top left hand corner. but no one will ever see it except you if you dont tell anyone! The quilt is gorgeous! Love the bright and cheerful colors.

  2. I don't want to know where the mistake is. I think it's perfect, and I love Quilt Day!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh that's funny. You have a triangle instead of a square on the left side. The Amish used to call that a humility stitch and left mistakes instead of fixing them to show that they were not too prideful.
    Love the quilt

  4. No and I don't want to see it looks so perfect to me, just beautiful!!! Come say hi :D

  5. Remember that it looks perfect from riding by on a galloping horse. It's too pretty to worry about where the mistake it.

  6. Should be a white diamond on the left of the center square... but shhhh no one will know but you. I have a quilt on my recliner with an upside down cowboy, ops!

  7. Hi Joy,

    It's perfectly imperfect! I see no mistakes, only hard work, and passionate dedication to a finished product.


  8. found it but I had to look. Remember the sign at Pine Needles......God is perfect....Quilts aren't!

  9. Mistake? What mistake? Beautiful! Mimi

  10. My mema would say..mistake..pshaw..that is creative design!!Then later in the week I would get a gentle talk about something else..about always checking things before you finish..when working with patterns..lay everything out. It's funny..looking back..I now know she was talking about my creative designs..without hurting my feelings..

    Sooo all I see is Creative Design that is beautiful!!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham