Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost and FoundThoughts and Things: As I was driving through my neighborhood recently, I noticed a new handwritten sign duct taped to a post. Then I noticed another and another. I began driving around in amusement just so see how many signs there were! In a 3 block radius I estimated about 20 signs posted on every stop sign, every street address sign and every other sign! Someone wanted us all to know they had lost their turtle! 2 questions came to my mind.
1. How do you lose a turtle?
2. How far can it really get?

I found the little turtle, although in an awkward position. I flipped him over, and pointed him in the direction of his home.

He'll eventually get there.
Sooner or later...

In celebration of his discovery, let's all have a cookie.


  1. Okay, I have a turtle story that you probably won't believe but it is true. Last summer while in my car I saw something with a flag on it coming down the road. It was a turtle. It had a orange flag taped on with duct tape. This is true, I swear. He just kept on going down the road. I wished I had my camera. I never saw him again or ever heard anything about this. Makes you wonder why he had that flag, doesn't it.
    Your story is funny as well.

  2. too funny.. but also kind of sad. some poor little kid probably really is missing his turtle!

  3. LOL...that was funny and cute. So, you found it? And then you made him cookies too? You are an angel...a turtle angel! Come say hi :D

  4. What a festive little turtle with a flower on it's shell. Hope the real one finds its way home. A couple of summers ago we saw a turtle walking across 2nd north way up by 89. Someone in front of us stopped and helped it across that busy street. I often wonder if he got where he wanted to go. Mimi