Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Yellow House
Thoughts and Things: The little yellow house sits on a hill with flowers blooming and a large shade tree to provide lots of shade.

Whoever installed the round window forgot to stand back and see if it was level.

The little yellow house is a good neighbor to the little red house. (Post april 21)


  1. Your little yellow house is so adorable and is a perfect neighbor to your little red house. I'd like to live in that neighborhood. Love the colors in your new quilt top. Mimi

  2. I would also like to live in that neighborhood, with one of those button trees shading my little home!

  3. Such a wonderful start to my day when I read your post!! So cherry and bright!!

    Have you read Jenny Matlock's story about her little house??

    I see that you have 6 grandchildren. Do you have rooms for all of them?? The rooms you've shown are so cute!! I want a tour of your entire house!!! You are a fabulous decorator!!