Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Strawberry Surprise Thoughts: With strawberries now plentiful in the stores, I am ready indulge in my favorite fruit.

* * *
Strawberries and waffles
Peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam sandwich
Strawberry wonton salad
chocolate covered strawberries
strawberry shortcake
strawberrries with brown sugar and sour cream
dehydrated strawberries for snacking

Things: Handmade strawberries to celebrate the season. The strawberry, green leaf and top, and white blossom are all made from wool felt. French knots filled the blossom center. 2 strands of light yellow floss made the seeds.

The Surprise! I would like to share my love of strawberries with you. If you wish, leave me a message and I will have a drawing. I will send the winner 2 handmade, frest picked strawberries to you!

Friday will be the name drawing day.

* * *
It is April isn't it?

Good Morning Utah Spring!


  1. Oh MY Joy! I haven't had strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar in AGES! I totally forgot all about that delicious treat! I'm going to pick some berries up at the store today and we'll snack on them after dinner. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Holy cow! When did you get that snow? I think I'm liking the Idaho weather more each day! We finally have blue skies this morning! Sign me up for the strawberries! Crumple the paper with my name on it so you'll pull it out first.

  3. Please enter me. How pretty!

  4. Oh please enter me to win those strawberries! They look great sitting on that Springy box!
    Snow? That much snow, in April? That's just not right!

  5. I love the strawberries. I think we need another class. Lovin the snow! Janis

  6. how sweet those berries are! I would love to win!
    happy tuesday!

  7. If it has to snow outside at least you have a pretty picture!

    I too love strawberries and have been buying them in the store. Just had a strawberry - spinach salad for breakfast!!! My plants are starting to perk up and show some new growth. As soon as I taste a freshly picked strawberry out of my garden I can't believe I wasted all that money buying them in the store!!! Just not the same!

    Have you had strawberry pizza??? To. Die. For. Let me know if you want the recipe!

    Please enter my name in your drawing. What a treat to have something made by you!! You've been inspiring me and I've been sewing all week!!! thanks!

  8. I love strawberries..the ones you can and can't eat...smile...blessings

  9. Hi Joy,

    Pick me, pick me.........I never win anything....wah, wah, wah! Just kidding, I'd love to win, but anybody would be lucky winning those strawberries. Have a great day!


  10. It kind of looks like January outside doesn't it? When we lived in California we lived right in the middle of hundreds of acres of commercial strawberry fields. Sure do miss the little stands by the side of the road. Your little strawberries are so cute. I'm with Janis, lets have another class. Mimi

  11. I always leave your posts a more cheerful person---all that red bliss and uplifting thoughts.
    Thank you for entering me in your strawberry drawing.

  12. Shelley Moss (Taylor)April 6, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Its been way too long since the last time I saw you. I love all of your posts and would love to be entered in the drawing.

  13. Don't forget to enter me too :) I think you should make a quilt with strawberries next! Love ya!! Leslie R

  14. Hi Joy - those berries look good enough to eat. Thanks for sharing the great photos of you family, home and wonderful projects.

  15. I love your blog...read it every day to see what wonderful surprises await. Just ate strawberries w/sour cream & brown sugar this morning with 3 grandkids...yummy! Please add my name to your drawing. Thanks