Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Quilt DayThoughts and Things: Not a quilt this monday, but a redwork table cloth.
I have always thought it would be fun to have a farm animal or two. A pigmy goat preferably.
The look on my husbands face when I mention it, gives me my answer though.
Instead, I'll just stitch them.


  1. Joy, this is darling!!! could you please post what the pattern is and who makes it?? I would love to do this.
    I've done a few redwork stitchery/quilts by crabapple hill. Love her designs!

    I'm with you! I have 2 "city acres". Perfect for a large garden and some chicks, but not set up to handle bigger animals. Wish I had a barn and a windmill!!!


  2. My husband always looks a little nervous when I start talking about animals! lol.. I like making him a little nervous!
    have a great week

  3. Love redwork and especially yours. I want some chickens but don't think it'll happen. Get the same look from my hubby. Mimi

  4. Good morning, I love your redwork! I enjoy doing redwork and just love red. Loved your porch picture too. It is cold where we are too in S. California....but I do have a few flowers blooming...ready for warmer weather.