Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mid pleasures and palaces
though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble
there's no place like home.
Thoughts: Every night just before I crawl into bed, I look out my bedroom window.
I wonder who's still awake and who has gone to sleep.
I wonder if my neighbors know how glad I am to live among them.
I wonder if they know I feel safe because of them.
I wonder if they know they make me heppy.
I wonder if they know that I would not want to live anywhere else, because of them.

Things: Meet Helen Home
She's a happy home.


  1. I wonder if Joy knows we are the lucky ones.

    Thanks for your love and inluence in our lives!

  2. Obviously, I meant "influence".

  3. Very and sentiments.

  4. She certainly looks happy. And cute. Mimi

  5. Nice to meet you, Helen. You are a cutie.

  6. Helen is so cute :) I would love to have a Helen Home!