Thursday, April 1, 2010

Closet Secrets
Thoughts: I can just imagine what my children will say after I have died and gone to heaven and they have the awful job of cleaning out my stuff...

"Does anyone want any of this?"
"Bring in the dumpster!"
"What was she thinking?"

Things: I am adding one more pillow to the cupboard. Once again I saw this pillow in a magazine and thought I would make my own version. It is made from wool. Any flower shape will work. The flower center is whip stitched on. I also did a round running stitch inside the flower. Turquoise ric-rac to trim the edge and backed with red wool.



  1. thats so funny! I doubt they will say that..I know this cause I treasure everything my mom makes me..and I know your kids do to..Your pillows are prettier than anything u find in the stores:)

  2. Anything homemade by mom is a forever treasure! That pillow is fantastic!

  3. I am so impressed with your pillow collection and the orderly fashion it is stored away! Here at my house I have to search first in this closet and then in that box until I finally locate the one perfect thing I need. And I know what my kids will say..."good grief"!

  4. A pillow collection! Yes! Now this is an idea whose time has come. Blessings to you this Easter holiday! Elizabeth

  5. This is the most stunning cupboard I have ever seen!!!! what joy to peek inside!!

    I would have loved to find this after my mother passed...anything would have been a treasure! But this, this is AWESOME!!!

    Your children are blessed!

  6. I love your closet! That is incredible -- what beautiful pillows.