Friday, March 19, 2010

My version...

Thoughts: Every month I receive in the mail a magazine full of adorable childrens clothing. I dog ear the pages of what I like best, invisioning how cute my grandchildren will look. Then reality sets back in...

I take the price and times it by 6.

It was fun dreaming.

Things: I bought this T-shirt at Target and made my own version of what was in the magazine.

Cut out shapes, backed them with wonder-under and then ironed in place. With a small zig-zag I used invisible thread and sewed around each piece.

... added some embroidered wiskers

Ready for play, ketcup stains, dirt, and lots of washing. By seasons end, even a few holes.


  1. Adorable! So was the photo of all the kids in your previous post too:)

  2. Absolutely adorable and so much more fun and meaningful when you can make it yourself. Have a great weekend! :) Tammy

  3. I do stuff like that all the time, I see something, realize that I cant afford it or just wouldnt spend that much on it, and think.. Oh I can make something very similar! then do it! Your shirt turned out adorable! what a good grammy you are!