Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Memory Sake
Thoughts and Things: I shared a bedroom with my sister when I was young. We slept in a full bed for awhile. A fight for the covers seemed to be a nightly occurance. Eventually we got twin beds. One memory I have of my bedroom was that on saturdays my mother would pull out the electric buffer and buff our wood floor, which made them slippery enough for my sister and I to have fun sliding on.

Through the years, I don't remember much of how my bedrooms looked.

For my grandchildren, I will record through photos their precious bedrooms.

Just for memory sake.

Hannah's room


  1. That's such a great idea! I was just thinking the other day about my room as a child. I can still see the bedspread I had as a teenager, but I can't remember what was on my bed when I was little. I'll have to ask my Mom, because it's the little things like this that I like to know!

  2. What a sweet room and sweet idea, too. Yes, the rooms I have pictures of, I remember well. ♥

  3. Such a wonderful bedroom for a little girl to grow up in...thanks so much for sharing it....blessings Joy....

  4. Absolutely love polka dots and the colors are just perfect...but the best is the idea of recording their rooms for them...love it!!!