Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bunny Pins Thoughts: As a child I loved easter time. A basket of candy, an easter egg hunt and a new dress. I was so excited to wear my new easter dress to church. If I got a little white pair of gloves and a purse to match, well, that really made the occasion special. Oh, and the white shoes! I tried my hardest not to get that first black scuff mark on them. I never liked the spring bonnets though, especially the tight elastic under my chin.

I still love easter, and the spring season that it brings. Seeing all the little girls come to church with their easter dresses brings back so many memories of my childlhood and also of my own two girls.
Things: I made these little bunny pins for my granddaughters. They each have a little cardigan to go with their outfits and I thought these would add an easter touch.

They are made from wool, stuffed just a little and hand sewn on the outside with a whip stitch. A french knot for the eye, small ric- rac around the neck, with a little wool flower and bead hot glued on.


  1. Adorable!! You are such a sweet grandma!!! I hope we get to see a post of your granddaughters in all of their Easter finery!!

  2. Joy what sweet pins for Easter cardigans. I love the shirt you have made for summer as well. Your rabbit quilt is so very whimsical. What a wonderful collection you have! Thanks for all that you share. Elizabeth

  3. It would sure be fun if a few of those bunnies could hop on up to Idaho!

  4. sweet little pins! I used to love to wear my new easter dress and little shoes. I remember one easter going outside all dressed up waiting for my parents to come out, riding my tricycle back and forth in front of the house.. when all of a sudden... a bird flew over and plopped bird do all over my sweet dress! I was devastated!
    anyways.. I think I need to make a bunny pin now!
    have a great night!