Friday, February 26, 2010

Speaking of chickens
Thoughts: Spending the day at grandma's often involves a trip to McDonalds for lunch.

I had a hard time not staring at the man, woman and young son seated in the booth next to us.

Their order consisted of 6 boxes of chicken nuggets, one french fry, 2 apple pies and 2 large drinks

6 boxes of nuggets... that's 60 nuggets!

As they systematically dipped and devoured each nugget in the various sauces they had carefully lined up, I knew they had done this before!

I have eaten my fair share of nuggets over the years... but seriously!

I walked up to their table and politely excused my interruption, and asked them if I could have one of their empty boxes.

Now this is something to blog about!


  1. lol! thats a lot of chicken. Ive not eaten at mcdonalds other then a french fry bummed off of someone else, in about 6 months. I could go for some right now though!

  2. Wow! WAY too much chicken! It's so funny that you asked them for a box--love that!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. Isn't it funny how we are always thinking about our next post. The nugget box is priceless! Have a great weekend.

  4. 60 pieces divided by 3 that makes 20 each! Yikes. Love your little fabric scrap chicks. Mimi

  5. YOU DIDN'T!!!! You are my kind of girl! I stood in my grocery store and empties out the cardboard container that held BC icing because it was red and cute! What a fun post! E