Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pickles Retreat #5

Thoughts: We Sister Pickles know how to sew but not one of us knew how to work the timer on the camera so we could all get in the picture...hummm
This past weekend my sister pickles and I headed out to the cabin for some R & R. Yet after sewing nonstop for 2 days we were exhausted.. How can having so much fun be so tiring?

Let's do the math. 8 ladies, 10 hours each day of sewing ,
2 days...

160 total sewing hours!

Things: We each made the same quilt called the " Charmed Star "

This quilt is made using 5" charm packs. One Pickle made two, and after I was done with the first one, I made a mini version. (just the inside star)

As usual, the food was delicious.
We are doing better with our food portions each time we go.
We aren't making so much! Still, there were plenty of leftovers.
The candy bowl seemed to be bigger this time.
We want to collect all of our recipes to make a PICKLES COOK BOOK.


  1. What a fun weekend and the quilts all look wonderful and I like the idea of a big candy bowl:)

  2. Oh I love this quilt on the top as I actually have that assortment of Feed Sack type repos. I made a small quilt I use for a table cloth out of it and it turned out to me my very favorite one. This pine interior is such a beautiful back drop for your quilts. Come visit me over at Retired in Alaska. Nan

  3. Fun fun quilts Joy! I love seeing the same pattern done in different fabrics - sometimes you can't even see the similarities between them!

  4. Oooo...who needs real candy when there's so much eye candy! The quilts are gorgeous :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  5. a weekend with the girls creating.. I cant think of anything better! beautiful quilts!

  6. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. It looks like you girls had lots of fun. You are a talented bunch.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this with photos! I've recently gotten into quilting, and was given a charm pack by my sister in law who is battling breast cancer, I've got one that is a survivor and another just out of treatment. SIL realized I was quilting when I talked about making a quilt for MOM who is loosing her battle against lung cancer. I just finished her quilt today, complete with appliqués of birds and butterflies her kids and parents and GOD watching out for her when she went into Brian surgery in May. I was looking to do this pattern for SIL who liked it, but had only seen it in mono chromatic colors before. Your quilt tops have given me to courage to plow ahead with my second "cancer battling lap quilt". Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!