Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's on his way Thoughts : The fog and smog have settled in on our little K-town. Happens every year. It feels as if we are in our own little snow globe. Everything frosted and white. The sun is trying it's best to break through today.
Makes me feel a little claustrophobic!

Things: My homemade version of a snow globe. Simply made with sucker sticks, gumdrops
necco wafer for the snowmans hat, 2 little sticks and sugar. I used a square piece of styrofoam for the base, hot glued it the bottom, then put in plenty of sugar to cover it up.


  1. Such a cute idea! I will put this in my next year's project file.

  2. Love your little snow globe Joy!

  3. That snow globe is too cute! I just love it. I always wonder where you creative people come up with all these wonderful ideas.

    Hugs...Tracy :)