Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elves working Thoughts: At the beginning of December I post a sign on my sewing room door, with hopes of keeping out curious little snoops.
Growing up in my teen years, I always snooped through the house, trying to find where my mom had hidden the presents. Sometimes I would find them and look at their contents. One time I even unwrapped a present to see what was inside and then wrapped back up! One year, as a child, on christmas eve, I slept down stairs with my brothers. I woke up in the middle of the night after I was sure santa had come. I walked into the family room and saw my new bike with a pearl necklace hanging on the handle bars, then went back to bed. When we all woke up that christmas morning and ran to the christmas tree, everyone was so excited to see what santa had left, but not me, I felt sad and guilty that I had peeked! I never did that again!
Visions of sugar plums are surely dancing in my grandchildrens heads as they anticipate Santa coming. They can't understand what is taking him so long!

Things: This is a fun pattern from ""
part of their large penny rug collection.
It is a labor of love, but worth every stitch.


  1. HI Joy, I used to snoop and peek too.. and yes.. I have been known to unwrap something and then rewrap it too! umm.. not even only as a small child.. the last time was probably about 5 years ago!!!!!
    sooo bad..
    love your blog!

  2. Good evening, Joy! So glad to find you tonight! It's so exciting to find other LDS girls while blogging! Love your creativity...your blog is just lovely, and I'm your newest follower--will be back often!

    Hope you're having a cozy, warm December!

  3. Hi Joy,
    I don't know if you knew this or not, but I follow your blog and have never left a comment! I love your blog! It's so refreshing and cheerful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little elves too!

    From, a card cult friend...

  4. I came via Creative Breathing. What a delightful blog you have!

    I peeked early one Christmas too at what Santa brought. Never again did I look again either!