Sunday, November 22, 2009

There's always room Thoughts and Things: My grandmother lived in a very small and modest home. Her living room had an upright piano, one couch and a chair, and a small drop leaf table and 2 chairs. The kitchen was just big enough for a small table, with her pink frig recessed into the wall. The 2 bedrooms barely had room to fit a bed.
We loved going to her house for thanksgiving. It was always as if something magical happened, that the size of her home grew! There always seemed to be enough room for everyone, no matter how many. The folding tables stretched from end to end in the room. She would open up the door to the bedroom, just off the the living room and there the tables would be set up for the children. We sat shoulder to shoulder, as we feasted on a wonderful thanksgiving dinner, somehow made in her small inadequate kitchen.
As the family grew, it was no longer possible to be at grandmas. In fact the family got so big that we would reserve the church for our thanksgiving dinner. We could put up as many tables as needed, the kitchen was more than big enough and the children got to eat along side the adults! My aunt would even bring her old projector and all the cousins would watch cartoons in one of the sunday school rooms as the women did the final meal preparations.
In either case there was always room, always room for everyone to be together.
When I count my blessings at thanksgiving time, I count my family as my greatest blessing.
Always make room for your family.

A merry Thanksgiving to you!


  1. What a heartwarming story. Grandma's are such special people. I wish I could go back to childhood years when Everyone was around the table. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Twyla

  2. It's amazing what we used to be able to do with so little. And had so much fun while we did it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Mimi