Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's Talk TurkeyThoughts and Things: I stood in the grocery store today looking at the dozens of frozen turkeys . Every year it seems to be a guessing game on the size of turkey that we will need. This year there will be about 16 of us around the table to give thanks.
I thought about getting turkey breasts and cooking them in the crock pot, freeing up the oven. Nobody likes or eats the dark meat anyway, do they? I am not sure that anyone in my family is partial to the dark meat. When I was young I would never even try the dark meat, well, even now, for that matter.
But, it would not be a real thanksgiving dinner without the whole turkey!
Searching for the neck and giblets,
waving hello with it's wings,
rubbing it down with butter,
setting the alarm to get up early to put it in the oven,
waiting for the red timer to pop up,
having my hubby carve it using our electric knife that we got as a wedding present,
and setting the wishbone in the window sill for it to dry before seeing who gets their wish.
The whole turkey, is what I will buy this year, as for the size, who knows!
My grandkids and I made our thankful turkeys on sunday. Each little feather represents something they are thankful for.

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