Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoughts and Things: A few neighbor kids came the other day for an early trick or treat. I managed to have a few pieces left in the many bags of candy that we have already eaten.
Actually, it doesn't have to be halloween for these little goblins to come over for a treat...I see them on a regular basis...sometimes daily.

This ghost is totally bored with all these halloween posts.
He's really tired of trying to balance the little pumpkin on his head.

Mr. Owl doesn't really give a


  1. Cute little figurines Joy - did you make them all?

  2. I really fun to see different Hallowee Decor ---- I think I have my work cut out next Hallowee I'll have to get busy now for next year ( I am in a construction zone this year ) don't have even one Hallowee something out! So you see that's why it's been fun check out your blog -- Kristeen (northern Utah)