Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughts and Things: Years ago I loved pigs.
I collected them. The cute little piggies were all over my house. Everywhere I went I looked for a new pig to add to my collection.
Some friends would say that when they saw a pig they thought of me. O.K. that was RUDE, but I knew what they meant.
I even tried to convince my husband to get me a pet pig!
Seriously Joy, what was I thinking?

I don't like pigs anymore. In fact, I am trying hard to avoid them.

They have made some of my family and friends sick, that makes me mad!
I am getting a shot today so they won't bother me. You should too.

Go away you little piggy, or should I say, you swine!

P.S. This little stuffed one I like, fun to make.


  1. Such a cute little blog. Found you via Creative Breathing this morning. Sure hope you don't mind if I follow along on your journey in life....

    Love the piggies...

  2. Hi Joy (what a great name!)
    I came over for a visit from Elizabeth's blog and I love all of your quilts and other creations. I'm glad you will be a part of E's tag swap. It should be lots of fun! I, too, used to collect pigs. Then I got tired of having friends tell me "every time I see a pig I think of you". No more piggies for me. I will be back again.

  3. What a cute post. You put a smile on my face.

  4. It was geese for me. Many, many geese. Too many geese. I need to get my flu shots too. Then we can have a healthy winter. Mimi

  5. Joy, I'm glad you kept at least this one cute pig. Have a wonderful weekend! Elizabeth

  6. I hope you were kidding when you said 'pigs'are making you sick as in Swine flu..... it is not cause by pigs or anything to do with animals....