Tuesday, September 1, 2009

and then there's Audrey

Audrey is just 1 year old. Grandma loves her little Audrey. She had to be extra careful that there were no buttons and that everything was sewn on tight because Audrey likes to put everything in her mouth.
Audreys light brown hair is growing quickly.
She likes to take out her hair bows and put them in her mouth too.

When grandma isn't looking, Audrey loves to climb and play on the stairs.
NO NO Audrey!
Audrey squeals with laughter as she rides the rubber cow while grandma sings, "This is the way the lady rides."

Peek -a -Boo is one of Audrey's favorite games to play .

Riding in the doll stroller is fun too.
Sit down Audrey!

Audrey waits patiently while grandma gets her lunch ready.
She does not like wearing bibs.

Audrey loves to wave and say "Hi". That's her first word.
She has lots of friends to play with at grandmas house.


  1. I LOVE all your darling creations!!! And the post about your quilt show was divine. Wish I lived closer. : )

  2. If you get bored, feel free to make a little Krista doll, or little Dexter dog. I wouldnt mind. :)