Friday, July 10, 2009

Farmer Joy
Thoughts about things: With my 4 tomato, 1 cantalope, 2 green pepper and 1 pumpkin plant, I feel like a genuine farmer. There is someting satisfying about watching them grow. I am just so proud that they haven't died yet, let alone actually produce veggies and fruits!

My grandkids ran inside to tell me that the cherry tomatoes were nice and red and ready to pick. I grabbed my favorite large red bowl, ready to fill it with my first harvest of the summer.

My 1/4 measuring cup would have been the right size

We savored the deliciousness of all 6 cherry tomatoes...mmmmmmm


  1. There's nothing like growing your own produce! Everything tastes better when they're homegrown. Looks like you had lots of fun in Jackson Hole. Mimi

  2. I was able to pick 1 cherry tomato this past week, and it was tasty! "Farmer Joy's" inspiration is spreading through the neighborhood!
    Love Emily