Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She wanted roses
Thoughts: My granddaughter has been preparing for and anticipating her upcoming dance recital.
She wanted to be assured by me that I would be attending and that I would bring her pink roses.
Last night she hopped, skipped and danced around the stage with her little ballerina classmates.
After a performance like that, she deserved pink roses.

Things: I bought a $10.00 bunch of mini pink roses at the local grocery store.

I cut the stems to about 7 inches.

I arranged the flowers into a small bouquet and wrapped the stems with 2 rubber bands as close to the top as I could.

Then wrapped it tightly with green floral tape.

Last, I wrapped it with white satin ribbon and pinned the ends with 2 white ball tipped pins and finished it off with tying a bow around the top, leaving long ribbon tails.

Just a perfect little token of love for anyone, including little ballerinas.

1 comment:

  1. Hannah looks darling in her ballerina costume! Dance recitals are my favorite...such fun memories. You're such a sweet grandma to bring your little ballerina pink roses.