Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ruffs Big Day
A little doggie named Ruff was born on a beautiful june day in Grandma Joy's sewing room.
"You're going to your new home today." she said.

Ruff took his first car ride. He loved feeling the breeze in his fur.

He stopped by to say "good bye" to his friend.

Passing the golf course along the way was a good excuse to stop and fetch some balls. That's Ruffs favorite game to play.

Playing always makes Ruff hungry. Farmer John offered him something good to eat.

Little doggies always take a nap after lunch. The shade of the pine tree was the perfect spot

Ruff arrived at his new home.

Ruff sniffed around and found a comfy spot to sit. He'll just wait patiently for his new master, baby Charlie to arrive.


  1. cute story...adorable dog...another lucky grandbaby-Gina

  2. AWWW. He's so cute. I love the part about farmer John. I saw all of Tiffany's cute stuff for her nursery the other day. Loved her little doggy wall hanging things. Your doggy will fit right in. Mimi

  3. You are too funny! (And have too much time on your hands!) Ruff is adorable. Someday I hope to be a you!

  4. Ditto what The Watty's said!

  5. Ruff is wuffly, looks like he had quite the "joy" ride!

  6. Aw, that is SOOOO cute! I love Ruff, and i'm sure Charlie will too :-)