Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Friend the Teacher
Thoughts: I went to summer school for a day this week. My own private class. My teacher usually teaches 6th grade kids, so I knew she could teach me too. My teacher taught me how to make darling sundresses for my 2 oldest granddaughters. We did most of the sewing by using a serger. I had never used one before, it was awesome!

My teacher was patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and fun.
She is one of my favorite teachers, along with my second grade teacher Mrs. Harvey.

But most importantly she is my friend.

Thanks Peg!

Things: I wish there was a pattern big enough for me. I'd make one for myself.


  1. I remember in the mid 70's I had a dress that was very similar. A granny dress. I should've kept that pattern! Love the fabrics you chose. Very cute. Mimi

  2. Turned out pretty spectacular! I wish I had a whole class of "Joys"! Thanks for the fun morning. xoxo Peg

  3. Joy -
    What a fun blog you have! I was looking at Ted and Robin's blog and saw "Joys thoughts and things". I thought that is so cute, I wonder what it my surprise it was your bog. How fun. I love the dress you made, you have some lucky granddaughters. Your motto is true, you can't leave your house without being happy, I always loved coming over to your house growing up -