Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thoughts: Did you know that last friday was national doughnut day?

I celebrated by eating a powdered cake donut and did'nt even know.

In 1917, the Salvation Army gave out donuts to the troops fighting in WWI to the boost their morale.

Now, the first friday in June has become this tasty holiday.

This donut sign hangs in my kitchen. It has just taken on a different meaning for me. A reminder to take time to do something nice. As simple as giving someone a donut.

I'll buy a dozen tomorrow.

looks good enough to eat...

This donut is made out of wool and small beads for the sprinkles.

Simple to make, cut 2, any size donut circles. Sew around edge, 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave about a 2 inch opening. Turn inside out and stuff firmly. Whip stitch opening closed. Cut frosting shape. Whip stitch to donut top. Sew little beads randomly on top of frosting.


  1. Matt sent a text that he was headed to Krispy Kreame for National Doughnut Day. I thought he was making it up. When he showed me his report card it had the Krispy Kreame stamp on it......I guess they got 1 doughnut for every A on their report card. Who knew?

  2. Donuts are one of my favorite foods. Is it too late to celebrate today? Actually, I think it should be a national holiday. Mimi

  3. Stop making me feel good by reading your blog! Isn't everyday a doughnut day? It should be!!