Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memories...Thoughts about things: My friend Sue and I went to the S.L.C. library. We watched a slide show on vintage landmarks and signs throughout Utah. We also saw a slide show of a collection of old random family vacation slides that this guy collects. Most of them in the 50s and 60s. It was a scream! We laughed and laughed.
I have great memories of the Dee Burger Clown and the times that my family would load up the station wagon, and head to Dees for dinner. 5 burgers for 1.00.
My hubbys family did the same. They would each get a burger and between the 7 family members they would share 2 bags of fries, and bring their own rootbeer from home.
The guy who did the presentation gave out old vintage Dee Burger cups at the end. We were so excited! Oh, the simple pleasures of life...

My cup has a new special home in my kitchen.
I may have to post a "do not touch" sign!
especially for my little darling grandchildren.


  1. Wow! That brings back the memories! Wish I had gone with you guys!

  2. ha..I worked there and served those 5 for a dollar burgers. good times!

  3. Hey Joy:

    I am looking to commission someone to make a t-shirt quilt for me. I want to put all my past t-shirts from drill, sorority, college, etc. into a quilt. Do you know how to do this? Would you be interested? Of course...I would pay you. Please email me at or call at 801.232.3338. I would love to bring the t-shirts up to you and finally come see your cute house. My mom keeps raving about it after Cre's party.

    Shellie Simpson