Monday, May 4, 2009

Firmly planted
Thoughts: I am not a fan of flying.
Turbulence scares me, really scares me!
My biggest fear became reality yesterday as I flew home during a thunderstorm.
The squeals of the passsengers were not squeals of delight.
I was so scared I could not even make a sound.
My granddaughter and I held each other tight. I was suppose to be comforting her.
I didn't know they could land a plane tilted sideways.
I have never been so happy to have my feet on the ground.
I will not be flying anytime soon .
* * * *

Things: This sign hangs in my kitchen. I read it everyday

My plane ride through the thunderstorm is similar to life and all its challenges.

The best way out is always through

feeling grateful that you made it.


  1. wow Joy - I'm glad you made it home okay, and I hope that you had a good time wherever you went!

  2. We were on a plane over Texas that got hit by lightening! Talk about scary. Glad you made it home OK. Mimi

  3. Plus those are some seriously cute shoes. Mimi