Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The table was set

Thoughts about things: My grandma always used a tablecloth. She just could not think of eating without one. When my family would visit, she would always have something delicious and ready for us to eat. The table set, with a cloth and her nice dishes, whether is was sunday dinner or just cookies and milk.

Maybe that's where I got my love for tablecloths.
A tablecloth even makes paper plates look nice...well...

all the colors make me happy
like looking at a rainbow


  1. Oh good! Help me . . . I've been looking for a tablecloth forever! I want something fun, a little retro with some bright colors. Where to go?

  2. When my granny died I snuck away with her terry cloth picnic cloth. Not fancy at all; very well used but I love it. So many great memories it brings. I think I will use it tonight!

  3. I love tablecloths too. You have such a nice place to store and enjoy them. I have to stick mine in drawers that are overflowing. I made your cute festoon for the bday party. It turned out cute. I posted it on my blog today. Mimi