Monday, April 6, 2009

It's tradition
THOUGHTS: Every year at Easter time we dye eggs
Every year we ooohhh and aaahhh over the fizzy colored tablets working their magic

Every year at least 2 kitchen towels get ruined soaking up the dye spillage

Every year someone argues over the wire Easter egg holder that comes in the kit

Every year there are some egg masterpieces and some duds

Every year my Hubby insists we make deviled eggs for Easter dinner

Every year I tell him,"No one likes them ,they won't get eaten."

Every year he proves his point and eats 1 or 2

Every year there are always a dozen deviled eggs left over

Every year my hubbys says, "Save them ,I'll eat them later."

Every year they sit in the frig for a few days

Every year I throw them away

Every year... it's tradition

THINGS: Baby Bunny quilt. This was a fun baby quilt to make. The bunnies were needle turned, or appliqued, whichever you call it. I bring it out at easter time and put it over the chair in the bedroom for the grandkids.

Funny Things:

My bum hurts!............. What?


  1. The dying of the easter eggs can be quite controversial at our house too! All in good fun though...
    Loved the Bunny Joke! The perfect way to start my work day.

  2. Okay, I didn't get the bunny joke, and Haley had to explain it to me, and then I laughed my head off. I can be a a little slow, at times.-Gina

  3. Joy!! It was SOO fun seeing you and Peg today!! I am LOVING the darling pillow and it has already found the perfect home!!
    Here is that website I was telling you about
    It has the store's contact information so you can just give them a ring and tell them you are in the market for the small letters!! Can't wait to see the AMAZING thing you create!

  4. You crack me up Joy - i love your bunny joke ;)