Wednesday, March 18, 2009

THOUGHTS: The dark side of me.I love to read the obituaries. I even have an album. Morbid I know. It contains obituaries of people I know and love and even strangers. I have learned alot by reading them. Let me share a few with you...
Carol Alice Hunter loved to collect jewelry. Her most famous piece was a diamond bracelet that got a new diamond every time her husband went deer hunting or made her mad.
Hilma Orabell Beesely's potato salad was a hit at the Beesely Christmas Open House for over 40 years. It was included in her obituary.
Stinky Naccarato "The Miracle Dog" was
found wandering the street and rescued. He lived like a king and loved to cuddle. He was a mama's boy.
My Uncle Bill's nickname was SCRATCHY
One of the saddest reads... James Allen Bakoles, 57, of Bothell Washington, died December 11, 2000. If His daughter reads this please contact Purdy & Walters at Floral Hill.
(life is too short, keep in touch with your family,says Joy)
THINGS: The lighter side..
This light fixture was BEYOND greasy and dirty when I first saw it, but I knew it had potential. I thought maybe just a new coat of paint. Larry, at Retro Rose cleaned it up and we knew it was perfect just the way it was. After it hung in my kitchen for a few months, my hubby admitted that he liked it too. A BRIGHT spot in my kitchen. (made in the 40s or 50s) He is working on another one for a

P.S. Help! To all you expert bloggers out there... I can't seem to get spaces between my paragraphs, sentences, pictures, etc. I keep editing and it just stays the same. For some reason it won't work this time.


  1. I'm no expert, but the only way I've found to get spaces is when I've already written my text and then insert pictures--sometimes with that method you get too much space, but then you can tweak it. Or try making spaces and then saving it as a draft before publishing.

  2. I also love the obits A LOT! Do you think it has something to do with the day we were born?

  3. I love obituaries. I think it's intriguing to see how writers try to fit an entire lifetime into a paragraph or two. I love reading a well written obituary. I feel like I know a person inside and out in two minutes flat. Amazing.

  4. My dad used to say he read the obituaries every day to see if his was there. I loved the one about hunting trips and diamonds. I might have to use that myself. Mimi