Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My New Toy
THOUGHTS: Every so often you just have to spoil yourself. My friend Kathleen is so fun to shop with. She always says," Buy it, you deserve it." That advice can also get me into trouble...
This time I could not resist. I paid the cashier $7.95 and skipped out of the store with my new toy.

Take Kathleens advice.

THINGS: Pom Pom Palooza
Years ago I bought a red and green pom pom garland as a christmas decoration. When I saw the pom pom maker, I knew I had to have it! I made this spring colored garland for my kitchen, and the pink, brown and cream pom poms to dress up the headboard.

The best yarn to use, and also the cheapest is RED HEART sport, 2.5 oz. I tried cotton yarn and it did not work very well.

The pom pom maker comes in two sizes.

Make the color and size combination that you like. Tie each individual pom pom onto a long piece of yarn, then you can slide them to space each one the way you want.


  1. You MAKE your own pom-poms? Honestly!
    How about the ric rack? Is there an easy way to whip that up too? REALLY...... I need to put away all sharp objects for the day. If I can get my bobbin threaded right I might have something to blog about. But who wants to read about that when they can make there own pom-poms! I GIVE UP!

  2. I think this is my favorite of your ideas so far...and that is saying something. Stinkin' adorable!
    Don't you want to make a brown-orange-creme pom-pom chain and have a drawing for that?-Gina

  3. CUTE like all your stuff. Sigh. Love the pom poms. Mimi

  4. that is so funny about the pom pom's Remember the pillow tops that were all pom poms? I have the board that is use to make them with, and how you weave the yarn around the nails? I use to make pillow tops quite often, and then For single pom poms I made them to put in Jessica's hair for pony tail decorations!! I love pom pom's They make me smile.I also love Yo yo's The quilt group I belong to here in Colorado, have made a quilt top out of the yo yo's that are done with fabric,we each made as many as we wanted and it will be a raffle quilt for this summer.

  5. Where do you buy a pom pom maker? Very cute Joy!