Tuesday, February 24, 2009

THOUGHTS: On the look out - CHIRP CHIRP
I have heard a wonderful sound this past week outside. The sound of birds chirping. I love birds, I always have. The love must have come from my childhood. My dad always had parakeets. In every home that I lived in there was a parakeet cage in the back yard. The sound of chirping birds makes me happy.
Last year I made 2 new friends. They chose the planter on my porch to build their nest. I would sit outside each morning and listen to them converse with each other. I could almost understand what they were saying. (no, I'm not crazy, well maybe). I started whistling back at them. O.K., off the subject for a minute. I love to whistle, I am not much of a singer, so I whistle. My dad is a whistler, his way of talking to his birds. My sister is a whistler too. Does anyone remember the whistling duo on Americas Got Talent? That's my sister and I , we should have tried out, I know we would not have been booed off the stage. Back to the birds, each morning I would go out on my deck and whistle for my new friends, and much to my surprise they began responding and would fly up to the deck. I would whistle to them and they would chirp back, SERIOUSLY! Every morning I would dig in my flower bed to find a few plump worms, put them in a small dish set, then put it on the railing of the porch and whistle. They would fly right up to the dish and get the worms.. They would feed them to their little one waiting patiently in the nest.. Our friendship only lasted a month or so. As soon as their baby bird learned to fly they all moved on. I have started whistling and looking for my friends, hoping they will come back this spring.

THINGS: Bird Sampler

I just finished this sampler and had it framed. It is done with hand died wool and embroidery. I loved doing it. Like the pattern? Go to All Through The Night. net. They have many awesome patterns. You can just buy the pattern and sometimes the whole kit. Never done anything like this before? I'll help you . Just leave me a comment. I also have the pattern for those of you who live close.

Love, Joy

P.S. Be kind to your web footed friends


  1. Only you, Joy, would feed the birds. You're so considerate of everyone around you! It makes me want to actually put birdseed in my bird feeder . . . but that would require a trip to Walmart. Ugh.

  2. Joy! Not only are you our Martha Stewart but you are now our Snow White as well. How lucky we are to know you and Sami to have u as a mother. Your Thoughts and Things are just lovely and I love to check in on them for all your great ideas!