Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good night, sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite
Wake up right
With all your might
In the morning light
To do what's right

THINGS: Framed letters are fun and easy to make

First decide what size you want to make, mine are 11 x 14

Choose your background fabric. Make sure it is about 2 inches wider on each side so you will have enough room to wrap it onto your back.

Choose coordinating fabric for your letter, then iron on wonder under on the back side of the your coordinating fabric. You can buy wonder under at any fabric store, use as directed on package.

On a piece of paper freehand letter, anyway you like it will be great. Cut it out, now trace it onto the back side of the coordinating fabric, the side with the wonder under on it. Flip the letter the opposite direction. Trace again on wonder under and cut out.

Remove paper coating of wonder under from fabric. Center your letter on your background fabric and iron lightly, not too long, just enough for it to stick. Don't iron back and forth, just place your iron directly on the letter and lift, then move to another spot until it is all secure.

Looking cute! Now at this point if you are a sewer, you can zig-zag or button stitch around the letter. If you are not a sewer, just leave it, it still looks great!

Center your letter on a piece of foam board, this is what I like to use. You can get it at most hobby and craft stores, I got mine at Ben Franklin. A frame shop can even cut you a piece.

Stretch and tape edges to the back of the foam board. I usually use a packing tape, it seems to hold best.

Put it in your frame and secure . I did not put glass on mine, but you certainly can. You did it! How cute is that?

I ordered my ampersand (&) through Pottery Barn. It only came in black so I just spray painted it brown.

Now you will know exactly which side of the bed is yours.

  • Love, Joy

    1. mom i still need you to help me with my letters. i have had my ampersand for forever

    2. very cute idea, like all of them

    3. I love all the fun ideas you post on your blog! I read about them and always want them to be my next project :) Loved you aprons you have a pattern? I happened upon your blog while reading Jodi's and I am so glad!