Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, thanks to my incredibly talented niece Wendy,my blog is ready...I sure wish I was. Believe it or not I am just learning how to take pictures off my camera and put it on the computer....
technology...mind boggling to me. First things first, a trip to walmart to get a cord so this magic can happen.
One of my favorite things to do is sew. Now, I haven't always liked it. I used to break out in hives just looking at a sewing machine! After I became well enough to start doing things again, and that's a whole other story for another new friend Kristy and I took a hand quilting class. Neither one of us are very patient so that did not last long, so we faced our fears and started using a machine and the rest is history... I have loved it ever since. I thought it would be fun to show and share with you projects that I am working on.

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